Data Recovery

Data Recovery

If you’ve lost data from your machine, there’s a good chance we can recover it. Whether your hard drive is corrupted, your operating system has crashed, you’ve been the victim of a destructive virus or you’ve accidentally deleted something you needed, our technicians can help you to get the data back.

How can you get my data back?
When your data is gone or inaccessible, “where” it has gone depends on what has happened to cause the problem in the first place. In some rare cases the data really is gone for good, but more often something reversible has happened:


  • If your hard drive is corrupted (for example by a virus or faulty software) the data is usually still there, but inaccessible due to the corruption of file tables or other essential parts of the hard drive’s infrastructure. We can recover the data by either manually repairing these parts or using specialist software and techniques to read “past” the damage and access the original data.
  • If your operating system has crashed and needs to be reinstalled, your files are often still present on the hard drive. Before the operating system is reinstalled our engineers can use one of our dedicated reference machines to bypass the operating system level and access any recoverable files directly.
  • If you have been the victim of a destructive virus, it might have removed your data in a number of ways, for example it could delete the files, it can “hide” them from the operating system and the user or it can effectively “lock” the files away from any access. Our expert technicians can often reverse the damage that the virus has done and restore access to your files.
  • If something was accidentally deleted, it may not really be gone. Even if your file has been “permanently” deleted or removed from the recycle bin, physical traces often remain on the hard drive. This “shadow” of the data can be accessed by our specialist technicians, allowing your files to be recovered and restored.

data recovery

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