Does my computer need diagnostics?

Diagnostics is the first step in identifying a wide range of computer problems and will indicate the appropriate repair methods. The range of problems is huge, but if your computer or laptop is showing any of these more common symptoms then a diagnostics service can help to find out why:


  • Slow boot times, failure to boot or error messages during boot.
  • Inability to use certain items of hardware.
  • Errors with specific software features, such a networking problems, a particular program, user accounts, etc.
  • Error messages, crashes or unexplained shut-downs during normal operation.
  • Abnormal sounds coming from the computer or laptop, such as beeps or excessive fan noise.
  • Excessive heat coming from the machine (particularly laptops).

What happens during a diagnostics?

PC Zone’s technician will talk to you about the problems you have been having with the machine to determine the type(s) of diagnostics required.
Once your machine is booked in, the most common type of diagnostics is a “first sweep” hardware check. This process involves doing preliminary checks on all components of your computer or laptop to isolate those with problems which can be further investigated.
Any components that are identified by this first sweep are investigated and tested further, using a variety of specialist hardware and software tools.
If required, software testing will be carried out to identify any problems that exist at a software level, such as networking mis-configurations.
Throughout the process our technician will take notes, which are then compiled into a report of the exact causes of the problem and the corrective actions that should be taken. This report will be relayed to you, along with advice on the next steps for your machine.