Power Socket Repair

Power Socket Repairs

The connection between your laptop and the charger is often a weak point, but a power socket repair means you can carry on using your laptop as soon as possible if it’s damaged. Technicians will disassemble your laptop in our workshop and replace the necessary components with brand new parts.

Power sockets can easily be damaged by debris entering the socket, an incorrect charger being inserted or the cable being pulled whilst the charger is plugged in. This can cause several problems with the laptop, including the following symptoms:

  • Failure to charge when the laptop is plugged in to mains power.
  • Intermittent connection when charging the laptop. If you have the hold the cable in “just the right position” to charge the laptop, you should consider a repair – using a laptop like this is dangerous as it significantly increases the chances of electrical arcing, causing damage to the unit.
  • Sounds of sparking (similar to a sharp clicking noise) when the charger is inserted, removed or re-positioned.

If your laptop has any of these symptoms, or you suspect the power socket might be damaged for any other reason (such as an impact in the general area or any of the damages listed above), you should discontinue use of the machine and bring it to us for an inspection.

NB: If you bring your laptop in to talk about a damaged power socket, please bring the charger, as we will need to test this as well.

How will you repair the socket?
Our technicians will examine the power socket for any visible signs of damage to the unit.
They will also test the charger you are using to ensure that is it working, and they may test the laptop with a brand new charger to isolate the cause of the problem. (If the charger is found to be at fault, we stock a wide range of replacements.)
If the laptop is booked on to have the socket repaired, it will first be disassembled by one of our expert technicians and the damaged socket removed.
We will match the removed power socket to a suitable replacement from the wide range we carry in stock, or order one from our specialist suppliers if required.
The new socket will be fitted and tested, and then your laptop will be reassembled. From the outside, it will look no different!

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