Virus Removal

Does my computer have a virus?

A computer virus can cause a multitude of different problems on your computer or laptop, but you should look out for some of the most common signs of a malware infection:


  • Unexpected or strange behaviour that you have not seen before.
  • Appearance of messages, images or sounds that you did not expect.
  • Programs that you have not installed (or programs that you are not using) starting unexpectedly. A popular variation of this is viruses that pretent to be antivirus software; they will tell you that you have dozens of problems, but unless it is a program that you have personally acquired and installed it is probably malicious software.
  • Messages from your personal firewall telling you that a program you did not install or run is trying to connect to the Internet.
  • Reports from other people that they are receiving emails from you that you did not send.
  • Erratic behaviour of web browsers and other software.
  • Lots of system error messages or frequent crashing or slowing down of your computer.
  • Files and folders being deleted or renamed without you performing the action.
    Of course, these are just some symptoms from a virtually endless list – viruses can cause all sorts of problems, some of which might look like problems with hardware (just as some hardware problems may look like viruses). If your computer is exhibiting any kind of unexpected or undesired behaviour, you should contact us to discuss solutions for the problem.

Can you fix the virus?
Yes, we can. We use a variety of approaches using everything from specialist software to manual cleaning methods to remove all traces of the virus from your system and repair any damage it may have done. Once the virus is removed we can advise you on products that can help to prevent future problems with viruses and malware.

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